RADWIN's FiberinMotion® Train-to-Ground solution is designed for rail and metro operators. Delivering wireless broadband-in-motion, FiberinMotion powers a range of applications including high-speed Wi-Fi, real-time CCTV, PIS and CBTC. FiberinMotion delivers user throughput of 500 Mbps with superior performance in non-line-of-sight and tunnel topologies.RADWIN’s FiberinMotion is field proven, with the largest installed base of broadband Train-to-Ground applications, including projects in the USA, Mexico, Russia, Italy, China and others.


The rail transportation sector is a core industry - vital to every other sector of the economy.  It has a crucial role to play in the shift towards sustainability as current transport systems depend largely on natural resources. Railway constructions involve many stakeholders from constructors and their suppliers to transport authorities, which usually means a multitude of requirements to satisfy. Bureau Veritas can help you assess the achievement of safety requirements and monitor your rail system performance while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards or technical specifications.


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